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Avoid the Vehicle Value Depreciation Blues by Shopping Used

Last updated 6 years ago

Fewer people than ever are considering purchasing a new car these days. Financially speaking, it’s hard to justify purchasing a brand-new car when you could get a late-model used one for much less. Keep reading to discover some of the benefits of buying a slightly used luxury car.

Bypass Significant Depreciation

A new car will depreciate rapidly from the moment it is driven off of the dealership lot. In fact, the very first minute that a car is driven off of the lot can result in as much as 10% depreciation—up to $10,000 for some cars. After two years, the new car will probably be worth about 69% of its original value. Instead of investing so much money in a new car from the beginning, why not buy a high-quality used car that has already incurred its most significant period of depreciation?

Get More Features for the Money

Did you know that you could purchase a fully loaded used luxury car for drastically less than a new base model luxury car of the same make and model? Features like navigation systems, premium sound systems, upgraded wheels, airbags and high-tech safety features depreciate significantly from when they were first equipped on a new car. This means you can purchase a used luxury car with all of the features you’ve always wanted without feeling guilty.

Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars

Many people that are shopping for luxury cars are seeking a high-quality brand such as Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, and the like. These cars offer the best in class, status, and performance that luxury cars have to offer. To buy a reliable used luxury car for tens of thousands of dollars less than you would have to pay at the dealership for a new model, consider buying used.

Take a test drive in a used luxury car today at Our warehouse is located in Dallas and offers late-model cars at an amazing value. Give us a call at (214) 736-8557 for more information.


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