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Tips to Get the Best Shine Possible from Waxing Your Luxury Automobile

Last updated 5 years ago

If you own a luxury car and want it to look brand-new again, you don’t have to visit an expensive car wash to achieve the new-car shine. With a few tools, you can restore the glow of your luxury car’s paint in your own driveway. To learn about how to wax your luxury car like a pro, continue reading.

Purchase the Right Tools

If you wash your luxury car with low-quality rags, the dirt on your car will scratch the surface of the paint. The first step to fully restoring the beauty of your luxury car’s paint is to invest in good cleaning tools. Purchase a soft towel made for washing, a cotton terrycloth, a wax sponge, and soap formulated for cars.

Select the Best Wax for Your Car

There are several different types of car wax: liquid, hard, and soft wax. Liquid wax makes the application process easy, but doesn’t last as long as other waxes. Soft wax is also easy to apply and includes a number of cleaning agents. Hard wax is the most time-consuming wax to apply, but offers the best protection.

Wash Your Luxury Car

To begin, hose your car off in the shade remove debris and dirt. Then fill a bucket with warm water and a specially formulated car-cleaning agent. Use the sponge to apply the cleaner to one side of the car, then rinse it off. Repeat with the other side.

Apply a Layer of Wax

Once your luxury car is clean, it’s time to apply the wax. Use the wax sponge to apply the wax in a circular motion and let it sit for as long as the wax bottle recommends. Then use a soft towel to buff the car and remove the wax.

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