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    A Brief History of Texas Cars Direct

    Last updated 1 year ago

    For over 30 years, Dallas-area drivers looking to buy luxury vehicles at a great value have turned to Texas Cars Direct. We have established a solid reputation in our community and around the country by providing excellent service and selling only the best luxury performance vehicles with clean titles and certified vehicle history reports. For a quick look at the history that makes Texas Cars Direct who we are, read on.

    Pete Bulban, the founder of Texas Cars Direct, has been in the business of buying and selling cars since he was only a teenager. After buying a Mustang in 1977 with money borrowed from his parents and selling it for nearly twice as much, he realized he was onto something.

    In a few short years, Bulban had made a business of the process, hunting down underpriced cars, paying cash for them, and selling them for a profit. One big break came when Bulban became the top resource for a local dealership looking to offload Saabs. He would buy them for about $5,000, drive them up to Maine or Massachusetts, sell them for a $2,000 profit, and fly home. This deal was bringing in as much as $10,000 a month.

    Next, Bulban made a connection at an auction in St. Louis. A representative from Jaguar Credit offered $1,000 to cover expenses if Bulban bought 11 or more Jags. To Bulban’s surprise, the representative meant $1,000 per vehicle. To make things even better, he sold his first 11 Jaguars in three days and found similar success with hundreds more Jaguars in the following four months.

    In 2001, Bulban changed the name of his company from Texas Mustang Sales to, keeping pace with an increasingly web-based economy. An acute awareness of the economy helped Texas Cars Direct thrive in the recent recession. In 2008 and 2009, the company made nearly $85 million selling pre-owned luxury vehicles that often came from leases that ended or were cancelled during those lean economic years.

    Teas Cars Direct has continued to prosper thanks to sound business principles and a dedication to providing customers with a great value. If you are interested in buying a pre-owned luxury vehicle at a surprisingly affordable price, call us at (214) 736-8557.

    can't be any better...

    Last updated 1 year ago

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    • This is by far the best place to buy a car. There is nothing else to say about the place, they are great.

      Clinton Bohn

    When to Say Goodbye to Your Old Vehicle

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Cars have an incredible impact on our daily lives, and it’s easy to grow attached to a vehicle that has served you for a number of years. Unfortunately, most cars just can’t go on forever. Take a look at this short guide to see it it’s time to let your car go and move on to a new one.

    When it needs massive repairs

    Engine seizures and serious transmission problems can render a car a total loss. If your car has suffered a major system failure like this, it’s time to move on.

    When maintenance costs add up

    Some cars don’t run into big issues, but slowly chip away at your maintenance budget with smaller problems. When you are spending on repairs every month or two, consider the benefits of simply buying a new vehicle.

    When you need better fuel economy

    With high gas prices, commutes can be extremely costly. If your car was built when fuel economy was of little concern, you may save yourself a lot of financial stress by letting it go.

    If you’re ready to let one car go and get into another, come to Texas Cars Direct. Our pre-owned luxury vehicles are an amazing value and will easily offer the comfort and performance you need. To learn more, call (214) 736-8557.

    Factors to Consider when Choosing between a Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz and a Pre-Owned Jaguar

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Many people are surprised to learn that pre-owned luxury vehicles are actually a fantastic value. Discovering this value often prompts people to research the many options for used luxury performance vehicles, such as Land Rover, BMW, and others. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you should look for if you are trying to decide whether a Mercedes-Benz or a Jaguar would suit you better:


    Any luxury brand will offer a comfortable ride and plenty of features, but there are always subtle differences. Take, for example, comparable models from 2007: the Mercedes-Benz CLS550 and the Jaguar XJ8. Both offer spacious cabins appointed with leather and high-tech accessories. The Jaguar, however, features beautiful wood trim and a more accommodating back row, outclassing the Mercedes in this category.


    Mercedes-Benz has long been known for performance, and even has an entire subdivision devoted to fine-tuning engines to create true supercars. So while the Jaguar XJ8 is no slouch, it’s not very surprising that the Mercedes is the winner in this category. A 5.5L V-8, new in the 2007 model, propels the CLS550 to a 0-60 time that is nearly a full second faster than the XJ8 and its 4.2L engine.


    This is one area that really comes down to personal taste. Jaguars have a look that all but screams British racing prowess, while the three-pointed star of Mercedes-Benz and the strong stance of every Mercedes vehicle are recognized the world over for reliability and class. Each also came in different factory colors, so that may be a factor to consider as well.

    If you want to invest in a pre-owned luxury vehicle, Texas Cars Direct should be your first stop. We sell CARFAX Certified luxury performance vehicles from brands like Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, and BMW. Call us at (214) 736-8557 with any questions about our inventory or financing options.

    "Hands down the best place to look"

    Last updated 1 year ago

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    • Hands down the best place to look if your in the market for a used luxury car. They deal mostly in Mercedes and Jag, but they also have other makes available. No pressure and they sell the cleanest cars you will find anywhere in Dallas. Fair price on my new car and trade in...along with an incredible APR on the financing.


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